Accessibility Scanner App on Android

Accessibility scanner is an accessibility testing tool available for Android devices. No technical knowledge required to use it. It is a easy to use and self-explanatory mobile accessibility testing tool.

Download from Google Play store

The Accessibility scanner can be downloaded from the play store like any other app. Remember that this app is only available for Android version 6 and above.

Setting up and using Accessibility scanner

The Accessibility scanner need to be turned on to use. You can turn accessibility scanner in the accessibility settings of the operating system. Alternately it prompts you to switch it on first time when you open the app on the device.

Switching the Accessibility Scanner On

Navigate to

Apps > Settings > Accessibility > Scanner

And toggle the scanner button to on position. This is one time activity and you can switch the scanner off anytime by following the steps above.

Now the accessibility scanner is ready to do the accessibility audit of your screen.

Scanning for accessibility

Follow the steps below to do an accessibility test.

  1. Open the app you want to test.
  2. Tap the accessibility scanner icon.
  3. The accessibility results will be stored in the scanner app.
  4. The notes of the possible improvements can be found here and you can use the list feature for a detailed information.
  5. The past reports are also available in the scanner app and these can be shared with anyone.

Note: If you are using talkback, use explore by touch to find the scanner icon and double tap on it to perform the audit.

What tests can the Accessibility Scanner do?

The accessibility scanner is not a replacement for manual audit. However, it helps everyone including non-technical people to quickly check for some problems their app is causing for various users with disabilities. The accessibility scanner can test the accessibility problems specified below.

  • Content labels
  • Touch target size
  • Clickable items
  • Text and image contrast

The color contrast ratio that the scanner checks is the minimum contrast requirement from W3C WCAG. The touch target is the Android accessibility material design requirements. These can be changed from the accessibility scanner app settings if required.

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