Autocomplete values for identifying input purpose

WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion 1.3.5 Identify input purpose is one of the success criterion that is easy to implement but difficult to understand. The success criterion expects content authors to implement a mechanism that the browser can remember user’s personal information that is entered while filling a form. Such remembered information can be automatically filled in the next time the user is updating the same information on different website.
While the intention of the success criterion is to make the input of information easy for the user, users may only want the browsers or websites remember if it is their personal computer. Of course none of us want to share our personal information such as phone number and email address publically.

How to implement 1.3.5 Identify input purpose

The sufficient technique H98: Using HTML 5.2 autocomplete attributes advices the use of the autocomplete attribute. Use this attribute

  • The input field serves a purpose identified in the Input Purposes for user interface components section; and
  • The content is implemented using technologies with support for identifying the expected meaning for form input data.

Automation tools may not show an error if the autocomplete attribute is not at all provided in the form. They can potentially show error if autocomplete attribute is added to the form control but the token value is not one among the defined values.

Autocomplete values for identifying input purpose

Form purpose Autocomplete token
Full name name
First name Given-name
Middle name Additional-name
Last name Family-name
Prefix or Title such as Mr, Ms, Dr honorific-prefix
Job title organization-title
User name Username
New password (While creating account) New-password
Password (While logging in) Current-password
Company name Organization
Street address (in case one field collecting entire address) Streed-address
Street Address line 1 (one line per field) Address-line1
Street Address line 2 (one line per field) Address-line2
Street Address line 3 (one line per field) Address-line3
State (Most broad level of address) Address-level1
City / town / district (2nd level of address) Address-level2
Locality (part of address 3rd level) Address-level3
Country code country
Country name Country-name
Postal code Postal-code
Full name as given in payment instrument cc-name
Number of the payment instrument such as credit card cc-number
Expiry date as on the payment instrument cc-exp
Expiry month if expiry have two fields cc-exp-month
Expiry year if expiry has 2 fields cc-exp-year
Card security code, Card verification code, Card verification value etc cc-csc
Transaction amount Transaction-amount
Birth day Birth-day
Birth day (date) Birth-day-date
Birth day (Month) Birth-day-month
Birth day (Year) Birth-day-year
Gender identity Sex
Complete telephone number including country code Tel
Email email

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