Maxability Webinar – Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility

Maxability is ready with the next webinar for the year ‘Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility’. May because of Global Accessibility Awareness Day all the accessibility enthusiast’s  were busy, so we have to move our webinar to June. This time gave us an opportunity to bring in a very interesting topic with even more experienced and […]

aria-errormessage (property)

aria-errormessage property is used to present the error message to a screen reader user. It uses id value to reference the message container. This is similar to aria-describedby property which references a message from any other container on the page using the id value reference. As per WCAG 2.0 SC 3.3.1 Error Identification, user need […]

aria-details (property)

Aria-details property identifies the element that provides a detailed explanation of an object. It is an ARIA 1.1 property. When an image or a similar element needs a detailed explanation, something more than what aria-describedby can provide aria-details can be used. The detailed explanation can be a container of text on the same page or […]

ARIA-describedby (property)

ARIA-describedby property is used when the content provided by the HTML tags is not sufficient to explain complete information to the user. For example instructions for a form element, “Read more” as a link description is not sufficient to explain where the link targets to unless the user have some content surrounding. Sometimes the alternate […]

ARIA-label, labelledby, describedby

ARIA-label, ARIA-labelledby and ARIA-describedby properties defines accessible ways of providing labels for form fields when straight way is not possible. In certain situations general <label> tag cannot be provided for various reasons. Let us understand how to implement ARIA-label, ARIA-labelledby and ARIA-describedby properties. In this post I would also provide the screen reader behavior with […]

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