30 Years to Americans With Disabilities Act ADA

We will not accept, will not excuse and will not tolerate discrimination in America. “Now I lift my pen to sign this American with disability Act and say Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down. God Bless You all “Says George H W Bush while signing the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act […]

HTML5 draggable attribute

The HTML5 draggable attribute specifies if the element can be picked for dragging. Links and images are draggable by default. Since this is a global attribute HTML5 draggable can be used on any element of the base markup. Using HTML5 draggable attribute As specified this is a global attribute and can be used in any […]


ARIA-grabbed state is defined to any element of the web page which allows the user to drag it from one portion of the page to another. Read ARIA-dropeffect article to understand how WAI ARIA can be used to define if an element can be grabbed from one portion and drop at another portion of the […]

ARIA-dropeffect (Property)

Functionalities such as drag and drop are quite common with rich internet applications. Accessibility of dragging an object or component from the source region of the page and dropping them at the target region is a tough task especially with screen readers and keyboards. ARIA-dropeffect property and ARIA-grabbed state of accessible rich internet applications (ARIA) […]

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