2.5.2 Pointer Cancellation WCAG 2.1 Level A

For functionality that can be operated using a single pointer, at least one of the following is true: No Down-Event The down-event of the pointer is not used to execute any part of the function; Abort or Undo Completion of the function is on the up-event, and a mechanism is available to abort the function […]


Disability arises not from the impairment, but comes from obstacles present in the environment says Shri Mukesh Jain, Joint Secretary (Department of Empowerment of Persons With Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment,) during the launch of Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan the accessible India campaign. Explaining the mission of Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan Shri Mukesh stressed the importance […]

Webinar September 2019 – Mobile Accessibility Common problems and the Way ahead

The next show for the year Maxability Webinar September 2019 is now open for registration. Few months back we rolled out a survey on Maxability. This survey  collected some common accessibility problems people with disabilities see on mobile apps. We published a white paper too. Webinar Topic Mobile Accessibility Common problems and the Way ahead […]

NVDA 2019.2 is Released, Download and What’s New

NVDA the free Windows screen reader by NVAccess released the next version for 2019 i.e. NVDA 2019.2. The release includes few new features, bug fixes and developer enhancements. What’s new in NVDA 2019.2? The highlights of the release include an experimental setting in the Advanced panel to stop browse mode from automatically moving focus, a […]

WAI ARIA Overview

WAI ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application) is a new technology by W3C WAI. With the change in trend of web programming, assistive technologies such as screen readers have difficulty in interacting with active accessibility servers of operating systems and receive the required information about the UI elements. For example, assistive technologies or the active accessibility […]

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive design means putting people in the center while designing for a product, tool or a service.  Diversity is the beauty of people. Each individual is different from other. The differences could be in age, gender, ethnicity, educational background or even their individual abilities. Keeping the needs of these diverse  groups and ensuring to meet […]

Accessibility Bulletin July 2019

Highlights of Accessibility bulletin July 2019 include 8th Web AIM Screen Reader User survey The Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Rules Format is now W3c Public recommendation Domino’s knocks supreme court for website inaccessibility 8th Web AIM Screen Reader User survey The 8th Web AIM’s screen reader user survey is intended to collect new information and […]