Webex Commands

Cisco Webex commands can be used by power users, those who cannot use mouse and those who rely on screen readers such as JAWS.
Cisco Webex is one of the meeting clients that is in the market for quite some time. Many corporates use this software for their meetings, events and training needs. Here are some Webex commands that can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Webex Commands and shortcuts

Action Windows Command Mac Command
Mute / Unmute Audio Control + M  
Show / hide meeting controls Control + Shift + Q  
Switch between panels and tabs Control + Tab  
Close any window or dialog box Alt + F4  
Copy text from the chat pannel Control + A  
Share an application Control + Alt + A  
Share a white board Control + Alt + N Command + N
Share your screen Control + Alt + D Option + Command + K
Share a file or video Control + Alt + O Option + Command + P
Close a shared file or White board Control + W Command + W
Show meeting controls while sharing Control + Alt + Shift  
Hide meeting controls while sharing Control + Alt + Shift + H Command + H
Switch between panel area and content area F6 F6
Adjust the page size to fit the viewer during sharing Control + Shift + W Command + 0
Assign privileges to participants Control + K Command + K
Zoom in while sharing Control + + Command + >
Zoom out while sharing Control + – Command +<

An exhaustive list of webex commands are on Cisco webex website.