Spinbutton Role

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A spinbutton role is used when a range of options are available for the user to select from. To select an item from a number of options a combo box can also be used, but a spin button helps to represent a large range. Developers are advised to ensure that the option can be selected with the arrow keys of a keyboard. Usually an up-arrow key/ right arrow key increases the value while the down arrow key/ left arrow key decreases the value. It is better to provide an option to jump bulk numbers with a keyboard navigation key if the range is too high.

If up-arrow key increases the value by one, a page-up key can increase the value by ten so that the user can quickly change the values when the numbers are high. Similar options can also be provided for decreasing the values. Home key can navigate the user to the first value in the range while the end key on the keyboard takes the user to the last value of the spin button.

Represent the minimum possible value by aria-valuemin, maximum value by aria-valuemax wile the current value is represented by aria-valuenow.

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