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To form a logical relation between the headers and the corresponding data in data tables <th> tags are used. These <th> tags are supported with HTML scope attribute. scope=”col” form a relation between column header and its corresponding data. In certain scenarios use of <th scope=”col”> might not be possible. Usage of role=”columnheader” helps in these situations. Role=”rowheader” does the same functionality for <th scope=”row”>. Screen readers like JAWS and NVDA will recognize the columnheader (role) and rowheader(role).

<table summary=”Marks of students for class IX”>
<td role=”columnheader”>Names</td>
<td role=”columnheader”>Mathematics</td>
<td role=”columnheader”>Physics</td>
<td role=”columnheader”>Chemistry</td>
<td role=”rowheader”>Student A</td>
<td role=”rowheader”>Student B</td>
<td role=”rowheader”>Student C</td>
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