Voiceover Mac Commands

The following list of VOICEOVER ON MAC commands or keyboard shortcuts help anyone working in the area of digital accessibility as a reference document. This document also helps developers to check for screen reader conflicts while implementing access keys. These VOICEOVER ON MAC keyboard commands should work on all Mac based browsers. See the Maxability recommended screen reader Vs browser combination for accessibility.

This document is not an exhaustive list of VOICEOVER ON MAC keyboard commands. You may want to read the help document supplied with the software for complete information.
VOICEOVER ON MAC is an inbuilt screen reader by Apple. If you have not explored it, now it’s the time. Below are some voiceover on Mac commands for you to begin the journey.

Basic VOICEOVER MAC Commands

Action Key command
Turn on VOICEOVER ON MAC Command + F5
Turn off VOICEOVER ON MAC Command + F5 (F5 twice)
Voiceover keys or VO keys Control + Option (From now referred as VO keys)
Open VOICEOVER ON MAC settings (Voiceover utility) menu VO + F8
Stop VOICEOVER ON MAC from speaking Control
Pause or resume VOICEOVER ON MAC from speaking Control
Voiceover help VO + H
Customizing voiceover on Mac rate, voice and volume VO + Command + Right arrow, once you hear the setting you want to change use VO + Command + up arrow to increase, VO + command + down arrow to decrease
Lock and release VO command Control + Option + semicolon (😉
Turn on and off quick keys Press both left and right arrow keys together
Close a menu or rotor, stop an action, or exit a mode Escape
Screen curten on/ off VO+ Shift + F11
Turn on / off rotor VO + U

VOICEOVER ON MAC commands for web

Action Key Command
Read title of the page VO + Shift + I (Title and summary)
Go to top of the page VO + Command + Home
Go to bottom of the page VO + Command + End
Read from current position to end of the page VO + A
Read next line Down arrow
Read previous line Up arrow
Go to next actionable control Tab
Go to previous actionable control Shift + Tab
Interact with a control VO + Shift + Down arrow
Exit interacting with a control VO + Shift + Up arrow
Go to next heading VO + Command + H
Go to previous heading Shift + VO + Command + H
Go to specific level of heading VO + Command + (heading level in number)
Go to next table Vo + Command + T
Go to previous table Shift + VO + Command + T
Navigate between the cells in a table directional keys (up, down, left, right arrow)
Read current column header VO + C
Select or deselect checkbox VO + Space key

Few other VoiceOver keyboard commands

Adding shift with the command executes the previous occurrence of the UI control. For example, command VO + Command + F  navigates to the next form control on the page, shift + VO + Command F navigates to previous form control on the page.

Action Keyboard Command
Next Image VO + Command + G
Next link VO + Command + L
Next visited link VO + Command + V
Next Frame VO + Command + M
Next Form control VO + Command + J
Next list VO + Command + X