Chapter 22: Text Resize

As we continue talking about the persons with low vision, some users like to increase the font size to read the text. Remember our grand parents wearing glasses to read the news paper? This means all of us are going to be increasing the font size or zooming the browser in the future for better readability.

WCAG requires the users to be able to increase the text size up to 200% (double the default) font size. Further sufficient techniques of WCAG also says browser zooming to 200% is a sufficient technique to meet this success criterian.

Validation for text resize

  1. Open the page on the browser.
  2. Press control + + (plus sign) 6 times.
  3. Check if all the content is readable. Content should not be overlapping on adjacent content or moving away from the user viewable region.
  4. Verify all the functions of the page such as filling up a text field, activating a link or button, selecting a radio button or check box are usable.
  5. If steps 3 and 4 are passed this functionality is passed, else failed.

If you are extra careful on accessibility, tik the text only check box under text resize of the view menu in the browser and repeat the check again. This is a best practice but not necessary to comply with the standards.

WCAG Success criteria

1.4.4 Text resize (Level AA)

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