Chapter 15: Use of ARIA

ARIA – What is it any way?

  • ARIA is a web standard by W3C
  • Stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  • Used to enhance the screen reader & Key Board experience on web components.
  • Provides attributes called roles, states & properties.
  • ARIA is not a replacement or substitute for HTML.

How to use ARIA on web?

  • Don’t use ARIA, yes, the first principal of ARIA is ‘Don’t use ARIA unless you have a strong reason to use it.
  • No ARIA is better than bad ARIA. Sometimes using wrong ARIA states, roles and properties or using them against the spec is not good.
  • ARIA Can Both Cloak and Enhance
  • No change to UI and Functionality – Except for the key board interactions, there is nothing much difference in functionality or changes in UI because of the use of ARIA.

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