Chapter17 : Screen Titles

The title of the screen speaks what activity or the content it contains. Providing a title with the content that describes the content or activity it holds improves the accessibility of the app.

How to provide a title


The title on the IOS screen can be provided with the UI navigationbar object. Typically the navigation bar is displayed on the top of the screen with a navigation (back) button on the left , a title in the center and the optional button on the right. The navigation bar object is often used in conjunction with navigation controller object however, the navigation bar object can also be used as an standalone object. The navigation controller manages the properties of the navigation bar and adds the view controllers that can be displayed on the navigation bar.
Displaying title on the navigation bar using navigation controller
Create a navigation controller in Interface Builder or in the code.
Configure the appearance of the navigation bar using the navigationBar property on the UINavigationController object.
Control the content of the navigation bar by setting the title and navigationItem properties on each UIViewController you push onto the navigation controller’s stack.
Adding title when navigation bar is a standalone object
When navigation bar is used as an standalone object, content authors must use navigation item, (an instance of the UINavigationItem class) to specify what buttons or custom views you want displayed. A navigation item has properties for specifying views on the left, right, and center of the navigation bar and for specifying a custom prompt string.
Here is a way to set the title using setItems(_:animated:) method.
var title: String? { get set }

WCAG Success Criteria

2.4.2 Page titled Level A

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