Windows High Contrast Mode And Accessibility Testing

Windows High Contrast Mode (HCM) is an accessibility feature. The settings reside under the Ease of access in Microsoft Windows operating system. The high contrast mode on windows was first introduced in Windows 95. Turning On High Contrast Mode In Windows 10, Select the Start button , and then select Settings. In settings activate Ease […]

Forms and Error Handling for Accessibility

In the earlier article from Accessibility best practices, We have learnt how to build an accessible form. In this article I will provide the major points to consider while handling the error validations. Don’t expect too much javascript validations methods and events, I am not a developer!!! Error identification The first change that happens when […]

ARIA-invalid (state)

WCAG 22.0 SC 3.3.1 Error Identification says, if an input error is automatically detected, the item that is in error is identified and the error is described to the user in text. Errors for form fields may occur in various ways. One of them is the invalid format of inputting the data. The input format […]

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