4 Myths about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Let us learn some common myths about autism from the parent of a child on spectrum and renowned ┬áparent councilor Dr Sumana Bhattacharya. Thank you Doctor for sharing your personal experience for the benefit of wonderful parents accross the globe. We hope these myths about autism breaks some common miss conceptions. 4 Autism myths my […]

Web Accessibility and Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

Autism is mainly a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders. So, autism is also referred as autism spectrum disorder ASD. The conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication are commonly observed in people with autism spectrum disorder. Web accessibility and autism spectrum disorder ASD is the topic of the article. Before […]

Hyperlinks & Accessibility

A hyperlink is a HTML element that connects one webpage to another, one website to another or allows the user to jump from one portion of the page to another portion of the page. An accessible hyperlink informs the user where it is targeting, takes the user to the accurate page without a broken link. […]

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