To bring as much as information in a single place I am trying to include links for various digital accessibility topics in this accessibility useful links page. You can bookmark this single page to get all the accessibility related websites in a single location. This page will be a live page and will update the information whenever we found a relevant website. I request all my readers to send me the links to include on this web page if you come across any useful link in relation with digital accessibility. You can email me to and I will ensure that it is included in this page in relevant category. Note: All the below links navigate to external websites and opens in a new browser window.

Accessible JQuery Widgits

Ajax Accessibility Examples

Expert Blogs

HTML 5 Accessibility

PDF Accessibility

ARIA Examples and Best practices

Android Accessibility Blogs



Desktop Testing tools

Web Testing Tools

1.4.3 Minimum Contrast

Browser Addons

Bookmarklets & Favelets

Mark-up Validations