JAWS Commands

The following list of JAWS keyboard commands or keyboard shortcuts help anyone working in the area of digital accessibility as a reference document. This document also helps developers to check for screen reader conflicts while implementing access keys. These JAWS keyboard commands should work on all Windows based browsers. See the Maxability recommended screen reader Vs browser combination for accessibility.

This document is not an exhaustive list of JAWS keyboard commands. You may want to read the help document supplied with the software for complete information.

JAWS is a commercial screen reader by FreedomScientific. If you have not already downloaded the JAWS screen reader for windows, Go to JAWS download page, however read the Freedom scientific terms and conditions of using the software.

Basic JAWS Commands

Action Key command
Turn on JAWS  Type JAWS with version in run  (Windows key + r)
Turn off JAWS Insert + F4
Open JAWS settings menu Insert + J, then alt key
Stop JAWS from speaking Control
Pause or resume JAWS from speaking Shift
Decrease JAWS rate of speaking Control + Alt + Page Down
Increase JAWS rate of speaking Control + Alt + Page Up
Refresh JAWS buffer Insert + Escape

JAWS commands for web

Action Key Command
Read title of the page Innsert + T
Go to top of the page Control + Home
Go to bottom of the page Control + End
Read from current position to end of the page Insert + Down arrow
Read next line Down arrow
Read previous line Up arrow
Switch mode from browse to forms and vice versa Insert + Z
Go to next actionable control Tab
Go to previous actionable control Shift + Tab
Go to next heading H (only in browse mode)
Go to previous heading Shift + H (only in browse mode)
Go to specific level of heading 1 to 6 (only in browse mode, alphabet keyboard)
Open the headings list dialog Insert + F6
Go to next form control F (only in browse mode)
Go to previous form control Shift + F (only in browse mode)
Open the forms list dialog Insert + F5
Go to next landmark or region R (only in browse mode)
Go to previous landmark or region Shift + R (only in browse mode)
Go to next list L (only in brose mode)
Go to previous list Shift + L (only in browse mode)
Go to next table T (only in browse mode)
Go to previous table Shift + T (only in browse mode)
Navigate between the cells in a table Control + Alt + Directional keys.
Go to first cell in the table Control + Alt + Home
Go to last cell in the table Control + Alt + End
Open the links list dialog Insert + F7
Select or deselect checkbox Space Key
Open dropdown, autocomplete Alt + Down arrow
Select radio button or options in dropdown Up and Down arrow when the focus is in the control

Few other JAWS keyboard commands

All the following keyboard commands only work in browse mode. Adding shift with the command executes the previous occurrence of the UI control. For example, letter ‘b’ navigates to the next button on the page, shift + b navigates to previous button on the page.

Action Keyboard Command
Next image G
Next list item I
Next edit box E
Next radio button A
Next checkbox X
Next combo box C
Next button B
Next visited link V
Next unvisited Link U