Google meet Commands

Maxability brings together the Google Meet commands as part of listing the software keyboard commands and shortcuts in one place.
While attending a formal meeting or in a casual conversation with a friend, while making your child join an online class or while attending a public webinar, have the Google meet commands handy.
These are even more useful when the mouse is not working. Also persons who have physical challenges to use mouse due to a disability benefit with the Google meet commands.

What is Google meet

Google meet is one of the popular meeting tools. As it comes with Google suite of products, its easy to use and click away from email. Google meet can also be integrated with Google calendar making it easy to schedule meetings. It is browser based and comfortable to use.
Here are few Google meet commands / keyboard shortcuts to make your meeting experience even more comfortable. The below table has both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac based commands.

Google Meet Commands

Action Windows Command Mac Command
Keyboard help Control + / (slash) Control + / (slash)
Mute / unmute Control + d Command + d
Camera on/ off Control + e Command + e
Open/ close chat window Control + Alt + c Control + Command + c
Open / close people tab Control + Alt + p Control + Command + P

If you are using the Google meet for the first time, check if your camera and microphone are working. If they ar not working, you may have to allow access to both of them with Google meet. When you first launch meet, a popup appears on the browser asking you for access. Activate allow to give access to both camera and microphone. If you don’t see the popups, your browser may be blocking them. Check the browser settings and ensure that popup blockers are disabled and reload the page.

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