Go To Meeting Keyboard Commands

Here are all the Go To Meeting keyboard commands all in one place for easy reference. What is Go To Meeting?
Go To Meeting popularly known as GTM is one of the powerful virtual meeting software. Many corporate organizations through-out the globe rely on GTM for their meetings. Because of its availability in both desktop and mobile platforms, GTM became a perfect choice for many organizations.
Below are the Go To Meeting keyboard commands for desktop client.

Go To Meeting Commands

Action Windows Command Mac Commands
Mute / Unmute Self Control + Alt + A  
Mute / unmute all participants (Organizer) Alt + A  
Start / stop recording (Organizer) Alt + R  
Start / Stop screen share Control + Alt + S  
Pause / resume screen sharing Control + Alt + P  
Start / stop Web cam Control + Alt + W  
Start a chat message Control + Alt + T  
Switch to computer or phone audio Control + Alt + U  
Show / Hide Chat pane Control + Alt + C  
Show / hide attendee list pane Control + Alt + L  
Exit meeting Alt + F4  

For a complete list of Go To Meeting keyboard commands visit the GTM website.