Native markup is the best way of displaying content on the web pages. Developers tend to make use of CSS and images to display the content in the intended way. Though visually the same appearance can be made possible through CSS, scripts or any other mechanics the intent of the content will not be conveyed to assistive technologies such as screen readers.

  • Use of <q> to mark simple quotations.
  • Use <blockquote> for quoting large text.
  • Use <strong> to bold the content.
  • Use <em>to emphasize the text.
  • Do not use the deprecated elements such as <marque>.
  •  Be mindful while using the elements such as <s> for striking off the content. Unfortunately no screen readers readily announce the striken-off content to the user.
  •  Same is the case with <u> to underline a sentence or a phrase. If the use of <u> has a meaning in the content, remember that the screen reader cannot announce it by default. A specialized keystroke need to be used to find the styles of the content. This may be known only to an advanced screen reader user.