Accessibility Consultants Discussion Forum

Need of an accessibility consultants discussion forum became essential as the market for digital accessibility opened wide through-out the globe. The digital accessibility technology itself is growing wider and deeper with AI, mobile, document and web. Section 508 refresh, update to EN 301-549 and W3C WCAG made having a discussion forum even more essential.

In this fast world, we need communication even fast than an email discussion forum. Most accessibility questions are not code dependent. Primarily the platform must be accessible so that everyone can use it. We finally began an accessibility consultants discussion forum called “Global a11y consultants” whatsapp group.

To join the forum we have decided to have the following basic rules. These rules are made to keep the group’s traffic specifically focused on digital accessibility questions and responses, high respect and dignity for other members, keeping accessibility needs of members. Anyone who do not abide by the below said rules will be immediately removed from the group by the admins. These group rules will be shared with the members often to remind and adhere with them.

Global a11y consultants group rules

  • Maintain high dignity and respect for the views, opinions and thoughts of other members. Any derogatory comments or discussions will lead immediate termination from the group.
  • Restrict your messages and responses strictly to digital accessibility related topics.
  • Minimize the use of group for advertising your products and services. It is ok to share information of your product or service as a response to a question, however we appreciate taking long conversations privately.
  • minimize sharing the job notifications related to accessibility. If your organization is looking for a worthful candidate and you have sufficient information, feel free to share in the group. Any lengthy conversations are ideal to take privately.
  • Pictures must be substituted with a meaningful and unambiguous caption.
  • Try sharing the videos that are captioned.
  • While sharing videos and links give a brief about the content. This will allow the members to decide if they have to open it or not.
  • Do not post any messages requesting members to join other groups.
  • If you are no more working in the area of digital accessibility, please exit from the group. This will allow us to give opportunity for a new member.
  • For any new member requests contact the group admins directly or write to It may take a while for the admins to respond, please be patient.
  • If you are not sure if a particular message can or cannot be posted on the group, check with the admins before doing so.


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