30 Years to Americans With Disabilities Act ADA

We will not accept, will not excuse and will not tolerate discrimination in America.

“Now I lift my pen to sign this American with disability Act and say Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down. God Bless You all “Says George H W Bush while signing the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

It has been 30 years to Americans With Disabilities Act ADA. This act has changed the lives of Americans with disabilities and have paved a path to the world.
Equal employment, anti-discrimination, bringing the large potential of people with disabilities into mainstream society, breaking physical barriers, accepting the social barriers, opening economic independence  and many more fundamental rights of people with disabilities are directly or indirectly part of the act.

View the Presidential Speech

Now that it has been 30 years to Americans with disabilities Act, ADA let us now reflect on the act. View the speech by the then President of United States, George H. W. Bush while signing the bill at White House.


Americans With Disabilities Act  ADA is derived into 5 titles.

1. Employment (Title I)

Title I requires covered employers to provide reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of employment.

2. Public Services (Title II)

Under Title II, public services (which include state and local government agencies, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, and other commuter authorities) cannot deny services to people with disabilities or deny participation in programs or activities that are available to people without disabilities. In addition, public transportation systems, such as public transit buses, must be accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Public accommodations include facilities such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, retail stores, etc., as well as privately owned transportation systems. Title III requires that all new construction and modifications must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. For existing facilities, barriers to services must be removed if readily achievable.

4. Telecommunications (Title IV)

Telecommunications companies offering telephone service to the general public must have telephone relay service to individuals who use telecommunication devices for the deaf (TTYs) or similar devices.

5. Miscellaneous (Title V)

This title includes a provision prohibiting either (a) coercing or threatening or (b) retaliating against individuals with disabilities or those attempting to aid people with disabilities in asserting their rights under the ADA.

WHAT IS THE IMPACT WITH  Americans With Disabilities ActDA?

Americans with Disabilities Act has brought a revolutionary change in the lives of people with disabilities not only in United States of America but the entire world. Many other countries have taken the initiative to protect the rights of people with disabilities in their country after the bill passed in White House. Many products used in day to day activity have become accessible allowing the people with disabilities to be independent, participate equally in the social activities and enjoy equal rights.

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