Accessibility bulletin July 2020

Accessibility bulletin July 2020 is out. Read what’s happening in the accessibility community. Also take time to participate in the accessiblity challenge for July 2020.
The highlights of the accessibility bulletin July 2020 are


Accessibility in Apple IOS 14

Apple in it’s recent WWD conference revealed some cool accessibility features. Apple being a clear leader in introducing great accessibility features, kept its commitment in IOS 14 too. Sound recognition will be of great assistance for those who have challenges hearing. Sound recognition is expected to recognize 14 sounds such as fire alarm, door bell, baby cry and alert the user through alternate means such as vibrations. Another cool feature is that the facetime can now recognize if someone is using sign language and make them front in the call for better clarity.
The feature that may be impressed by many and perhaps most of us would not have imagined is the back tap. User can assign tasks to be performed on tapping on the rear of the device. More updates and accessibility features can be found on this article on The Verge

What happened in twitter accessibility?

Twitter recently released a beta feature called Audio tweet to selected users. Not every beta feature is expected to become a final feature, however any issues identified in the beta sometimes attracts the public. Disability activists have found that the audio tweet was missing the option to include captions. Here is the twitter’s audio tweet story.

Access JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion Free at Home

Earlier this year Freedom scientific made Free Software Licensing Offer for JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion. As the global impact of Corona virus attacked globally, this offer has been made for the personal computers in United States and Canada. This was originally licensed until 30th June. Now the same has been extended through August 31st, 2020. Read the blog on Freedom scientific and use the offer via Freedom scientific Licensing Portal.

The Saga of accessible colors recording available

Many of you joined our webinar “The Saga of accessible colors. Thank you for your continuous encouragement. For those who are unable to join and who want to view the recording, the session is now available on our Youtube channel. Do not forget to subscribe Maxability on youtube.


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