Accessibility Bulletin June 2020

Accessibility bulletin June 2020 is out. Know what’s happening in the world of digital accessibility.
The pandemic of corona virus crises continues. With the relaxations for lockdown in many parts of the world, the situation is leading to massive increase in the covid-19 positive cases. We wish all Maxability readers to be safe and healthy. Follow the government guidelines in your country and cooperate with your local health and other concern officials.

Here are the highlights from Maxability Accessibility bulletin June 2020.

Adobe Inclusive Design website.

Adobe is releasing their full set of training materials in June. It includes slides, readings, and a teacher’s guide with practical exercises to help demonstrate the benefits of a more inclusive design process. Because accessible website, product or app begins with inclusive designs, it is important to understand, implement and create designs that are usable, accessible and comfortable for everyone. To reach to diverse audience, inclusive and accessible digital content is mandatory today than ever before.
You may find more information on Adobe’s Inclusive Design website.  Sign up today for the updates on the release and other updates.

Accessibility places feature in Google maps

Do you know anyone in your circle who is a wheelchair user? We will be surprised if your answer is no. This is because estimated approximately 2% or 130 million are wheelchair users. Is it not frustrating if you take your wheelchair friend to a restaurant, only then you realized its not wheelchair accessible?
Have you ever thought, it will be nice if the root maps tells you if the destination is accessible?
Google have now introduced  accessible places feature. Know more about the feature on Google blog.

Maxability webinar, The Saga of Accessible colors

The next webinar by Maxability The saga of accessible colors is now open for registrations. The spots are fast filling. Please signup in next two days. Our previous webinars are now available on Maxability youtube channel.

A11y Challenge for June 2020

The story Crashing Storms, Thundering Skies, from Short stories is a 3 minute read. For me it took exactly 3 minutes from the heading of the story to the end with 82% rate using NVDA. This is on a higher side for most screen reader users. This may be longer for those who have set their speaking rate less than 82% or those who have low vision, learning difficulties and many others.
What’s the time taken for you? Tweet us @max_ability, tag us on linkedin or share your time on our Facebook page. We are sure each one of us have a different reading speed.


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