Accessible Living: How the Latest Tech Is Making Household Chores A Lot Easier

One inescapable task that a person has to do is household chores and in India, women spend at least 352 minutes a day doing chores while the men spend about 52 minutes per day tending to domestic responsibilities. Doing tasks such as cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, and home organization on a daily basis can be stressful, but it’s even more for people with mobility problems or those who are living with a debilitating health condition. This is why some companies have come up with gadgets and tech that will make doing chores a lot easier for people who need them the most. Here’s how the latest tech is taking the stress out of doing household chores.

Robot vacuum cleaners for clean and germ-free floors

We’re at a point in time where artificial intelligence can take on some household tasks such as vacuuming or sweeping floors. Robot vacuum cleaners such as the Roomba, Neato Botvac, and the Ecovacs Deebot can remove dirt and dust off floors and carpets with less effort. Some models such as the ILife V5s even has a combined vacuum and mopping feature to get rid of grime, while the PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes equipped with a HEPA filter, making it a good choice for pet owners. Cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner ensures convenience for the user, and as a bonus, it’s also an environmentally friendly way to clean as one doesn’t need to use chemicals to have pristine and germ-free floors.

Cooking made easy with smart slow cookers

Most people with disabilities often do not eat healthy meals. According to UNICEF, one of the main reasons for this is because they’re living in inaccessible premises where it’s difficult to prepare homecooked food on a daily basis. Fortunately, devices that can help make food preparation a little easier are now in the market, and one of the gadgets that has been developed for this purpose is the smart slow cooker. Devices from Crock-pot and Instant-Pot can be controlled remotely using a smartphone, and the latter even comes with an app that has thousands of recipes that can be made using the smart appliance. Having this type of device means less effort for the user as one doesn’t need to spend so much time working in the kitchen to get a hot, nutritious meal. By placing all the ingredients in the pot and with a push of a button, you can have a curry, stew, or soup in just a few hours.

Tech for household tasks

Apart from robot vacuum cleaners and smart slow cookers, there are other smart devices that can make household chores easier for disabled people. Pet owners can get a self-cleaning litter box or self-cleaning dog potty to make cleaning up after pets a breeze, while a toilet bowl cleaning system can make this chore a lot simpler for those with mobility issues. Meanwhile, a smart refrigerator can let people know when to stock up on staples and even suggest recipes based on what’s left in the fridge.

It’s expected that more devices that can make chores a little easier will be developed over the coming years. Taking the stress out of domestic tasks enables accessible living, and it ensures an improved quality of life for everyone.


This article is contributed by Jackie Edwards. Thank you for a wonderful work.

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