Maxability Webinar – Mobile Accessibility Common problems and the Way ahead

The next show for the year Maxability Webinar ‘Mobile Accessibility Common problems and the way ahead’ September 2019 is now open for registration.
Few months back we rolled out a survey on Maxability. This survey  collected some common accessibility problems people with disabilities see on mobile apps. We published a white paper too.

Webinar Topic

Mobile Accessibility Common problems and the Way ahead


This webinar will reveal some interesting facts from the survey. The webinar will provide a clear direction for designers and developers to concentrate common and low hanging fruits to fix accessibility bugs on mobile apps.

Accessibility consultants, mobile app developers, designers and quality engineers are the intended audience for this webinar. Any accessibility and technology enthusiasts may also join the webinar. It’s free 😊

About the Speaker

Rakesh Paladugula is an accessibility specialist and disability rights activist. Constantly trying to make digital content reachable to everyone. Knowledge sharing through blogs, white papers and webinars like this is his passion. Learn more and connect with Rakesh on linkedin.


On September 17th, 2019. Between

  • 9: 00 PM and 10 : 00 PM IST
  • 11 : 30 Am and 12 : 30 aM ET
  • 8 : 30 AM and 9 : 30aM PT
  • 4 : 30 PM and 5 : 30 PM London

Mobile Accessibility common problems and way ahead Recording

Updated June 20th, 2020.

The webinar is completed and recording is now available for the benefit of our viewers and readers. If you like the video please hit the like button and do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. See the archive of other webinars here.