Chapter 24: Use of color

On a web page, no information or instruction must be dependent on color alone. If color is used as the only way of conveying information, indication an action or prompting a response, it will be difficult for persons with color blindness and low vision get that information. For example, a mandatory field on the form […]

Chapter 25: Focus Indication

Knowing the user’s path while navigating with the keyboard is important. Every user need to know where they are, which link or button they are going to activate helps them do the right thing on the page. In certain cases the dotted outline that is displayed to indicate the users current focus will not be […]

Chapter 26: Page Title

The title of the web page must be descriptive enough to explain the content or functionality. A screen reader user first reads the title of the page to confirm that they are on the page They are looking for. When you landed on the page from a social media applications or through search engines, everyone […]

Chapter 27: Timing Adjustable

For websites and applications that have time limit to do a certain task fall under this requirement. On a banking website, the session for logged in user expires after certain period of inactivity. For an airline booking, an itinerary chosen by the user can be holed for only for some time within which the booking […]

Chapter 28: On focus & on input

On Focus Every user interface component have a specific functionality. Users predict the functionality of that component when they focus either with a mouse or using a keyboard. In certain cases these predictive behavior will be over written with some scripting. E.g. When the user is filling a form, as soon as they enter a […]

Chapter 29: Consistent Navigation & Consistent Identification

Consistent Navigation Navigation mechanisms repeated on multiple web pages must be displayed in same relative order each time they are displayed. E.g. If a search functionality is just  on the right-hand-side of the navigation menu and receives focus after the navigation menu while navigating with tab key, then it should be consistently in the same […]

Chapter 30: Name, Role, State, Value & Property

Websites when built with semantic code, applying all the native elements and attributes of the markup most of the accessibility features are taken care of. This is not possible with new dynamics in the modern web. The modern websites have dynamic content, continuous live updates and most importantly custom components. Custom components are those built […]

2.5.1 Pointer Gestures WCAG 2.1 Level A

All functionality that uses multipoint or path-based gestures for operation can be operated with a single pointer without a path-based gesture, unless a multipoint or path-based gesture is essential. This requirement applies to web content that interprets pointer actions (i.e. this does not apply to actions that are required to operate the user agent or […]

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