Chapter 5: Voiceover

VoiceOver is a built in screen reader available in any IOS device. To switch it on navigate to
Settings > General > Accessibility > Voiceover.
Hang on!!!!, The interaction mechanism changes once you switch on voiceover. Tap is now just selection not activation. So read this chapter completely before you interact with voiceover. Remember that a voiceover practice is also available to play with different gestures.
The explore by touch even works with voiceover. Tap anywhere on the screen when voiceover is switched on, it reads the element under your finger. To activate what you just heard, double tap anywhere on the screen.
There is another mechanism called gesture navigation. Swipe from left to right reads the next item, right to left swipe reads the previous item. Read the full list of voiceover gestures and play with your device.
VoiceOver also gives the users an opportunity for a quick navigation called rotor. In a lengthy screen if you need to jump directly to a submit button, just set the rotor to buttons by twisting two fingers on the screen until you hear buttons. Now use single finger flick up and down to navigate only between buttons. Read more about voiceover and rotor.