Chapter 4: Accessibility features – IOS

IOS comes with lot of accessibility features built into the operating system. The categories’ are divided into the user groups. The accessibility settings can be found at
Settings > General > Accessibility
Some accessibility features built in the operating system are listed below.

  • VoiceOver: VoiceOver is the built in screetn reader.
  • Zoom: Zoom magnifies the entire screen.
  • Display accommodation’s: Additional display accommodation’s such as invert color, color filters, auto brightness, etc are available here.
  • Larger text: Allows to increase the font size.
  • Increase Contrast: Increases the contrast by reducing the transparency.
  • Switch control: Highlighting the screen elements using an adaptive device.
  • Touch assistance: Allows changes in the way user interacts, long duration to recognize the touch, avoid recognizing repeated touch etc.
  • Subtitles & captioning: Allows making changes to the font size, style, background etc how the subtitles or captioning need to be displayed.
  • Accessibility shortcut: Set your favorite(s) feature here, by triple click of home activate them.