Chapter 2 :Accessibility Features – Android

The Android operating system comes with various accessibility features packaged for free. These accessibility features enable wider users who have difficulties using the device either because of their disability or due to any other reason. The operating system is adding features and enhancing each feature in every release. Below are few such features. Depending on the version of the operating system you use, the accessibility features may be more than what you see here.
<h2>How to check the accessibility features on my device?</h2>
Tap on Apps&gt; settings&gt; accessibility
<h2>Accessibility features on android</h2>
<li>Talkback: A built in screen reader that allows the blind and visual impaired users to effectively use the device.</li>
<li>Switch access: A built in feature that allows users with dexterity impairments interact with the device with one or more switches instead of standard input mechanisms. <a href=”″>Watch video</a>.</li>
<li>Captions: Captions allows the users to see the audio content on the apps if they are provided. This feature also allow the users to set the user comfortable font style for the captions.</li>
<li>Magnification gesture: This feature allows the low vision users to zoom the screen for easy access of the screen content. Read more about <a href=””>magnification gestures</a>.</li>
<li>font size and display size: To accommodate low vision users android operating system allows the users to increase or decrease the font size and the display size. Read more about <a href=””>font size and display size</a>.</li>
<li>High contrast text: The high contrast text converts the color either to black or white depending on the current color. This feature allows the low vision users to comfortably use the device. More information on <a href=””>high contrast text</a>.</li>
<li>Auto rotate screen: Auto rotate screen when switched on allows the screen to accommodate portrait or landscape view. Some users may want to fix the orientation either to portrait or landscape, where device is fixed on a particular place such as on a wheel chair arm. Auto rotate screen may be switched off for these users.</li>
<li>color inversion: Color inversion when switched on converts the color values. A black text on white background becomes white text on black background.</li>
<h2>Points to remember</h2>
Some features such as high contrast text and color inversion are in experiment state as of this writing and may not be working in all instances.

Few features described above may only be available in the latest versions of the operating system.