Mobile Accessibility Standards by BBC

Henny Swan, Senior Accessibility Specialist with her team at BBC have published a draft of mobile accessibility standards in July 2013. They have asked for comments and feed-back to publish a final version then. Recently the accessibility team at BBC published their final version of mobile accessibility standards and guidelines.

Mobile Accessibility Standards & Guidelines Hyalites

The mobile accessibility best practices are segregated as standards and guidelines. Standards are indicated by the word MUST or words MUST NOT. Guidelines are indicated by SHOULD or SHOULD NOT.

The standards and guidelines are also bifurcated to align with the responsibilities of designers, developers, content writers (editors) and testers.

The mobile accessibility standards and guidelines have mentioned clearly when a developer has to work with designer, designer with editorial team, and editorial team with developer etc to bring the best possible output.

The mobile accessibility standards & guidelines provide the coding best practices for mobile web, IOS and android developers.

Each best practice contains a description of the standard or guideline, code to achieve it by IOS developer, android developer or mobile web developer. An example that states successful coding practice and a failure scenario. Also the technique to test it.

The mobile accessibility standards and guidelines are coded in such a way that they can be referred offline.

Editors & Contributors


  • Henny Swan, BBC
  • Gareth Ford Williams, BBC
  • Ian Pouncy, BBC


The Main contributors included:

  • Jamie Knight, BBC
  • David Birdsall, BBC
  • Jonathan Avilla, SSB Bart Group
  • Richard Groves, Noodlefruit
  • Kenton Price, Little Fluffy Toys LTD
  • Tim Pennick, British Telecom
  • Jan Richards, Inclusive Design Research Centre, Ocad University
  • Birkir Gunnarsson, European Blind Union Access to Information Commissio
  • Tim Heyes, IMI Mobile
  • Matt Bryson, IMI Mobile

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BBC Blog :

Henny Swan’s Accessibility Blog:

For any feed-back or comments write to