Chapter 24: Use of color

On a web page, no information or instruction must be dependent on color alone. If color is used as the only way of conveying information, indication an action or prompting a response, it will be difficult for persons with color blindness and low vision get that information.
For example, a mandatory field on the form might be red in color. IF it has a star mark to indicate it as a mandatory field or if the input field is included with HTML5 required attribute a blind user too can understand that the field is mandatory. A link within a paragraph, if has color to differentiate with the surrounding text a low vision or color blind user may face difficulty. If the same link is also substituted with an underline it becomes part of the solution..

Validation for Use of color

  1. Open the page on the browser.
  2. Navigate through the page and check if any content has information conveyed through color.
  3. If such content/ instruction exist, verify if there is any alternate method either programatically provided or available in text.
  4. If such content exist but no alternate is provided it is an accessibility violation. If an alternate mechanism is provided it is passed.

WCAG Success Criteria