Mera Mitra, one stop shop for all things on disability in India

Mera Mitra means “My Friend” in Hindi is an AI powered chatbot. Mera Mitra helps in answering any questions related to Right to Persons with Disabilities Act 2016. The RPWD 2016 bill was passed in both the Indian democratic houses during 2016 December replaced the earlier Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

With many new disability types included in the law (21 in total), the RPWD 2016 Act is up to date with clarity on many aspects. Keeping the comprehensive sections and subsections of the act and it’s associated rules it is never easy to pick a specific topic that interests different individuals.

What is Mera Mitra?

Mera Mitra,  will potentially serve as a one-stop interface for more than 100 million people with disabilities  and their stakeholders. Mera Mitra will provide 24/7 access to information about their rights, policies and services.

Developed by Friends for Inclusion, a not-for-profit startup based out of Bengaluru, Mera Mitra is your personal companion on disability rights in India. Powered by the most advance technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural language Processing, the chatbot has been built to equip people with disability and familiarize the society on all things related to disability in India.

How will Mera Mitra work?

A short demonstration is available later in this article. However here is the information how it works.

Available on Google Assistant & Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to download a separate app to access Mera Mitra. All smartphones capable to operate Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger app can trigger Mera Mitra. Similarly, all smart speakers powered by Google Assistant can invoke Mera Mitra anytime, anywhere. And, soon it’s coming up on other popular platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter, and alexa.

Say “Talk to Mera Mitra” to your Google Home device or in your Assistant app on smart phone to begin your chat.

Some questions you can ask to Mera Mitra

  1. Read section 40 of the act.
  2. What is accessibility?
  3. what  is mandated by law regarding employing persons with disability,
  4. Where can I get my medical certificate?
  5. Define services

Youtube demo of Mera Mitra

About Friends for Inclusion

Friends for Inclusion is a not-for-profit start-up that invests in the future of persons with disabilities. The organization  creates technology solutions to empower people with disability to live  independently. In July 2018, Friends for Inclusion has been selected by International Institute of Information Technology –Bengaluru as a part of their social incubation program, where we will co-create technological solutions using cognitive computing for people with disabilities.

More details on Friends for Inclusion website