White Paper – Mobile Accessibility – Common Problems & The Way Ahead

The White paper – mobile accessibility common problems and the way ahead is the outcome of the survey Maxability did earlier this year. With the increase in mobile usage and the apps we depend day in and day out, it is apparent that mobile applications must be usable by everyone regardless of their disability.
During March and April 2019, Maxability ran a mobile accessibility user survey. The intention of the survey is to collect the

  • assistive feature preferences of people with disabilities and
  • Common accessibility problems they encounter with native mobile apps.

The survey was taken by more than 50 participants. Participants include Mobile users with disabilities, Close friends/ relatives/ care takers. Though the number of participants is not so high, the sampling is from different geographies of the globe and various disability representations.

The outcome of the mobile accessibility survey

Survey revealed many interesting facts. The user preferences are wide in nature when it comes to the use of assistive features. Apart from conventional screen readers and other assistive features, users are very well using the voice recognition features. The accessibility problems are very clear and definitely give a direction for the mobile app developers. Most common accessibility problems referred by the participants are quick and easy to fix but developers are either not aware or are ignoring the critical part.

White paper on mobile accessibility common problems and the way ahead

Capturing the preferences and common problems people with disabilities encounter using mobile applications, we published a white paper – Mobile accessibility common problems and the way ahead. The common problems are even ranked depending on the range of criticality users have. The white paper provides a direction to the mobile app developers in identifying the common and critical accessibility problems to fix as they need to fix.

The white paper – mobile accessibility common problems and the way ahead can be downloaded by filling the simple form below.
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