Maxability Webinar – Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility

Maxability is ready with the next webinar for the year ‘Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility’. May because of Global Accessibility Awareness Day all the accessibility enthusiast’s  were busy, so we have to move our webinar to June. This time gave us an opportunity to bring in a very interesting topic with even more experienced and well known speaker Jack Nicolai. Know more about Jack in the speaker bio and when you join the webinar.


Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility

Topic description & Key takeaways

A common challenge when creating accessible user experiences is understanding the user interactions that underpin user interface components and complex interactions, which fall outside of the standard web components. In this talk Jack will break down some commonly used, but poorly executed components and interactions such at content cards and floating action buttons. He will teach you how to see through these custom components to the original user interactions and components they are based on so that you can deliver an accessible experience to your audience.
This talk is aimed at UX designers, Engineers, Testers and Product Managers.
Jack's photograph

About the speaker Jack Nicolai

Jack Nicolai is the Accessibility Product Manager for Adobe’s Creative Cloud portfolio of software. Jack’s 18 years as a technology professional have included work as an animator, designer, software instructor, engineer, manager, and entrepreneur, creating digital experiences for top brands. For the last 7 years, he has worked closely with product teams as a development lead and product manager to deliver best-in-class digital products which embrace the principles of Inclusive Design. He is speaker and evangelist for all thing’s accessibility!
Connect with Jack Nicolai on linkedin.


On June 18th, 2019. Between

  • 9: 00 PM and 10 : 00 PM IST
  • 11 : 30 Am and 12 : 30 aM ET
  • 8 : 30 AM and 9 : 30aM PT
  • 4 : 30 PM and 5 : 30 PM London

Deconstructing UX Design for Accessibility Recording

Updated June 20th, 2020.

The webinar is completed and recording is now available for the benefit of our viewers and readers. If you like the video please hit the like button and do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. See the archive of other webinars here.