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Maxability strongly encourages community participation for digital inclusion in India and rest of the world. The groups and forums below help in stepping towards the goal. We encourage you to join and participate in appropriate group(s).

Globally A11Y Consultants WhatsApp Group

This is a group created to encourage accessibility testers, consultants, developers, program managers and policy makers in India to ask there accessibility question and get instant solution. Currently we are restricting this group only to Indians as the maximum limit for participants is 250. We have almost 100 participants in the group as on this publication. In certain situations participants face difficulty in typing lengthy messages or to share code snippets / components for feedback. In such cases the members can post on appropriate groups available below and request feedback from the group.

If you are from India and currently working in the space of digital accessibility we encourage to join this group. To join this group, simply send an email with your whatsapp number to hello@maxability.co.in, and we will welcome you on the group.

Maxability Google Forum

Maxability Discussion ForumExternal Website is similar to many other discussion forums available on the web. The specific intentions of creating this group are

  • As an extension for Global A11y Consultants group on WhatsApp to request feedback on specific code snippets or components.
  • Allow non whatsApp group members to ask questions specific to digital accessibility.
  • Make more conversations publically available for digital accessibility enthusiasts’ and make web a better place.

Who are encouraged to join the group?

  • Accessibility Testers.
  • Accessibility Consultants.
  • Web Developers and designers with accessibility in mind.
  • Accessibility Program managers.

To join this Maxability Accessibility ForumExternal Website send an email to hello@maxability.co.in or submit a request through the forum pageExternal Website. While sending the request select appropriate email delivery preference. By default “Don’t send email updates” is selected. This is just to avoid junk of emails in your inbox. You can select appropriate email preference or check the discussion threads online on the group home page. The apply to join the group forum also has a checkbox “Automatically subscribe me to email updates when I post to a topic” ensure that this is checked if you like to get updates for questions you posted.

Since this is a Google Groups Forum the layout and the structure of the page will be different from that of Maxability.co.in. All the links in this article that navigate to the Maxability Google forumExternal Website opens in a new browser window.

Click the Maxability Google ForumExternal Website to start, or copy and paste the below URL in the address bar of your browser.

Thank you for deciding to join the Maxability forumExternal Website. Let’s together make web a better place.

Maxability-Usability Google Group

Maxability-Usability mailing groupExternal Website is slightly different from Maxability forumExternal Website. Though the ultimate goal of this group too is to move one step towards digital inclusion, the group participants must be

  • Persons with disabilities who are impacted with inaccessible digital content and are willing to do an end user testing to provide feedback.
  • Web / mobile designers and developers who care for accessibility and wish to get end user feedback.
  • Product managers, product owners and others who want a high-level accessibility review of their component/ web page / mobile app.

To join this group send a request to hello@maxability.co.in or submit an application online.External Website

Many organizations have the beta program that allows them get feedback from real users. Many projects have specific budget to have a specialized usability test. Still a large number of developers want to get there simple page/ component tested by real users. The developers who care for accessibility have challenge in catching the end users experience.

Persons With Disabilities feel frustrating to use inaccessible websites/ products/ apps. They want to let the developers/ organizations know about their pain point. They are also interested in giving the feedback by using the website/ product/ app / component before launch. We would like to bridge the gap between the end users who are interested in giving the feedback and those are interested to get real feedback before they launch / publish their website/ app.

Thank you for deciding to join Maxability-Usability groupExternal Website and take part in making web a better place.

Since this is a Google Groups Forum the layout and the structure of the page will be different from that of Maxability.co.in.. All the links in this article that navigate to the Maxability-UsabilityExternal Website Google Group opens in a new browser window.

Click the Maxability-usability Google GroupExternal Website to start, or copy and paste the below URL in the address bar of your browser

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