NVDA 2019.1 is released, Download and What’s new

NVDA the free Windows screen reader by NVAccess released the next and first version for 2019 i.e. NVDA 2019.1. The release includes few new features, bug fixes and developer enhancements.

What’s new in NVDA 2019.1?

Highlights of this release include performance improvements when accessing both Microsoft word and Excel, stability and security improvements such as support for add-ons with version compatibility information.

  1. A new Advanced Settings category has been added to NVDA’s Settings dialog, including an option to try out NVDA’s new support for Microsoft Word via the Microsoft UI Automation API.
  2. NVDA no longer automatically loads custom appModules, globalPlugins and braille and synth drivers from the NVDA user configuration directory. This code should be instead packaged as an add-on with correct version information, ensuring that incompatible code is not run with current versions of NVDA.
  3. In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, browse mode now reports the selected item in list boxes and trees.
    1. This works in Firefox 66 and later.
    2. This does not work for certain list boxes (HTML select controls) in Chrome.
  4. When moving by character in plain text controls (such as Notepad) or browse mode, 32 bit emoji characters consisting of two UTF-16 code points (such as 🤦) will now read properly.
  5. When tabbing or using quick navigation in browse mode, legends on tab panels are now reported more consistently.
  6. Fixed a rare browse mode crash in Firefox.
  7. NVDA no longer fails to report the suggested contact when entering addresses in new messages in Outlook 2016.
  8. In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, switching to focus mode now works correctly for certain list boxes and trees (where the list box/tree is not itself focusable but its items are) .
  9. In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, empty alerts are no longer reported.

A complete list of improvements, changes and bug fixes are available at What’s new in NVDA.

Download or update to NVDA 2019.1

Visit the NVDA download page for NVDA 2019.1. If already have an older version update to the latest version.

updating to NVDA 2019.1

  1. Press NVDA + n to open NVDA settings.
  2. Navigate to Help by pressing down arrow until you hear Help.
  3. Press right arrow to move into the help menu.
  4. Press down arrow until you hear Check for updates.
  5. Press enter Check for updates and follow the onscreen instructions.

NVDA is an open source and free screen reading solution for Windows operating system. Support the cause by donating to the NVDA project.

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