Magic tap, an accessibility feature in IOS

Every mobile app will have one task that is highly used, magic tap makes it easy and quick for voiceover users.

On your IOS device with the phone app, you want a simple gesture to answer and hang the call, play or stop the music on the music app, take a picture on camera app Magic tap the accessibility feature allows you to do it real quick when voiceover is switched on.

What is a magic tap?

A magic tap is a voiceover gesture available on most of the IOS devices. This gesture performs an often-used or most-intended action quickly.


How will magic tap work?

The gesture assigned to magic tap is two finger double tap. For instance go to music app on your IOS device and use two finger double tap gesture and the music starts playing and do it again the music stops. This is true when voiceover is switched on. You can try it even on camera app to take a photo. This gesture is added to these feature in few apps by default on IOS.


Is magic tap available on all the apps?

No, magic tap is not available on all apps at all times. For example in the phone app, this gesture can answer or hang-up the call, but if no call is currently running magic tap don’t do anything on the phone app. It can also so happen that all the apps does not require this gesture Developers can also add a magic tap for their app. Apps like twitter have got a step forward and allowed the twitter users to choose the action they like for twitter.

Deciding the action for magic tap on your app

What’s the most common action performed on your app? Creating a new post on a social app, bring up the recent orders on a booking app, record a voice message or invoke dictation on a instant messenger could be some examples of frequently used tasks.

How to add a magic tap for my app?

The magic tap feature is available in IOS 6 and above.

Declaration: func accessibilityPerformMagicTap() -> Bool

Know more about magic tap on apple accessibility developer guide.


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