NVDA 2018.4 is released, Download and What’s new

NVDA the free Windows screen reader by NVAccess released the next version for 2018 i.e NVDA 2018.4. The release include few new features, bug fixes and developer enhancements.

What’s new in NVDA 2018.4పాతఝ

  • Performance improvements are made in using NVDA with the recent versions of firefox.
  • NVDA is now able to read descriptions for emoji as well as other characters that are part of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository.
  • Interacting with combo boxes on the web in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer has been improved.
  • Moving the mouse to the navigator object will now much more accurately move the mouse to the browse mode position in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Performance improvements when navigating large pages with lots of dynamic changes in Mozilla Firefox.
  • In ARIA menus on the web, the Escape key will now be passed through to the menu and no longer turn off focus mode unconditionally.
  • NVDA no longer reports clickable multiple times in a row when navigating clickable content in Browse Mode.

A complete list of improvements, changes and bug fixes are available at What’s new in NVDA.

Download or update to NVDA 2018.4

Visit the NVDA download page for NVDA 2018.4. If already have an older version update to the latest version.

updating to NVDA 2018.4

  1. Press NVDA + n to open NVDA settings.
  2. Navigate to Help by pressing down arrow until you hear Help.
  3. Press right arrow to move into the help menu.
  4. Press down arrow until you hear Check for updates.
  5. Press enter Check for updates and follow the onscreen instructions.

NVDA is an open source and free screen reading solution for Windows operating system. Support the cause by donating to the NVDA project.