JAWS 2019 Download and What’s New

JAWS, Job Access With Speech is the popular and commercial screen reading software for Windows Operating System. JAWS being the old and reliable screen reader, it is preferred choice for many end users and also used for accessibility testing by many organizations. JAWS is a Freedom Scientific product.

JAWS 2019

JAWS 2019 is released in October 2018. Here are few new features in this release.

  • JAWS 2019 now collect anonymous usage information. Users can accept or deny the collection of such information used by Freedom scientific to enhance the user experience. Users can switch this on or off anytime from Setting center> Default settings > Miscellaneous> Submit Anonymous Usage Data.
  • The multiline edit field can now be announced in JAWS 2019. Enable it from Miscellaneous group under Setting Center.
  • Audio ducking is now available for Windows 10 spring 2018 creators update. This is not enabled by default. Enable it from  Speech settings page under Setting center.
  • JAWS 2019 now have improved support in Office 365 applications.
  • Here is the complete list of updates.

JAWS 2019 Download

From JAWS download page, you can download the latest version. The free version runs for 40 minutes and the computer need to be restarted to use it again. If you have purchased JAWS after September 2018, you will be eligible to receive JAWS 2019. Please contact Freedom Scientific to know how to upgrade your license.

What is FS Cast

Freedom scientific publishes a pod cast called the FS Caste every month. Download and listen. FS Cast 158 to know more information on JAWS 2019.

Remember all the JAWS licenses are for accessibility testing or commercial use. Look at the licenses page to find the right one for you.

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