Maxability Webinar – October 2018 – Web Accessibility Testing Tools

The next webinar on web accessibility is scheduled on October 9th, 2018. Finding an accessibility testing tool that fits right for your project or the role you play might be difficult. Some cases you want to check the accessibility of a webpage real quick to have a high-level understanding, sometimes you need to make a complete analysis. You might not be a technical person but still you want to check if a given website is accessible.

In the market there are many tools available to provide the accessibility audit report in the way you want. This webinar aims in sharing those free and commercial tools. You can make your choice!!!!


Rakesh Paladugula

Key take-aways

  • Brief introduction of various accessibility testing tools.
  • Which one is free and which is commercial.
  • Web based and browser plugins.
  • Quick analysis and detailed reports
  • Technical knowledge required or not.

We will not explain you which is good and which is not. This webinar should help you analyzing which is the right tool for you.

Webinar Timing

On October 9th, 2018. Between

  • 9: 00 PM and 10 : 00 PM IST
  • 11 : 30 Am and 12 : 30 pM ET
  • 8 : 30 AM and 9 : 30aM PT