HTML5 draggable attribute

The HTML5 draggable attribute specifies if the element can be picked for dragging. Links and images are draggable by default. Since this is a global attribute HTML5 draggable can be used on any element of the base markup.

Using HTML5 draggable attribute

As specified this is a global attribute and can be used in any element of the base markup.E.g. <a href=”abcd.html” draggable=”true”>Checking draggable</a>

Values of HTML5 draggable attribute

HTML5 draggable attribute can be either true or false. If it is set to true it means that the element can be dragged and dropped in a different position. The attribute is usually used in drag and drop operation, re-arranging a list etc.

Screen Reader support for HTML5 draggable attribute

By the time of this writing HTML5 draggable attribute cannot be recognized by popular screen readers JAWS and NVDA on all popular browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer and Edge. This proves true with the use of screen reader specific text in the

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