aria-roledescription (property)

Aria-roledescription property is new in ARIA 1.1 specification. This property allow content author to provide an additional description for the role already available. aria-roledescription property can be provided to the elements that have native markup role or for those elements where role is provided with ARIA specifications.

Some screen readers typically localize the name of the role to enhance the user experience. This localized name of the role help the screen reader user to understand the purpose of the section / region or in some cases it explains the interaction method of the widget.

This property allow the content authors to overwrite the semantics conveyed by the screen readers. This will perhaps give an opportunity to have a uniform reading experience with different screen readers. Content authors must have aria-roledescription property set to the elements that either have ARIA role or the role set by the markup. Further the value of aria-roledescription property must not be empty.


Sample code

<input type=”button” value=”upload” aria-roledescription=”attach resume” />

Sample Output:

Aria-roledescription used in roles

Can be used in all elements of the base markup.

Values of Aria-roledescription

A string that can provide additional description of the container or the widget.

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