Maxability Webinar – Start the Digital Accessibility Tour

This accessibility webinar ‘Start the Digital Accessibility Tour’ is aimed to bring more tech enthusiasts into the space of digital accessibility. Digital accessibility should be included in everything we do. i.e the email we right, the design we create, the interaction we think or the screen / page we develop. Together let us start the journey of digital accessibility and make web a better place for everyone. Already in the space of accessibility? No problem, join us to brush-up the basics. Are you a accessibility enthusiast, feel free to join us.


Rakesh Paladugula
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Key Takeaways

  • What is digital accessibility ?
  • What are the benefits of digital accessibility?
  • What are the global accessibility standards
  • What are your roles being a Designer / Developer/ QE Engineer / Content Writer/ Program Manager.

Accessibility Webinar Timing

July 10th, 2018

  • 7 : 00 PM IST
  • 9 : 30 AM ET
  • 6 : 30 AM PT

Start the Digital Accessibility Tour recording

Updated June 20th, 2020.

The webinar is completed and recording is now available for the benefit of our viewers and readers. If you like the video please hit the like button and do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. See the archive of other webinars here.

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