Learning Digital Accessibility in College – Teach Access Curriculum development Awards

Digital accessibility in fact is not a skill that has to be learn on job. It is more doing things right and ensuring that the content created can be reached to everyone. If taught at the college the new generation will include accessibility into their normal coding practice. So, learning digital accessibility at college is the best thing anyone can think, and Teach Access is exactly doing that.

One of my ambitions when I started Maxability is to educate digital accessibility skills to as many people as possible. To achieve this including accessibility as part of the curriculum is very important. The Teach Access team is exactly doing that. When accessibility becomes the part of curriculum, content authors take “alt” as important as “src” in <image . When this happens digital content will be far more accessible than today.

Teach access curriculum development awards

To accelerate the creation and delivery of accessibility-infused college curricula, Teach Access will be providing direct awards to full-time, part-time, adjunct faculty, or instructional staff at US-based institutions of higher education (community colleges or four-year universities). More information can be found on the teach access curriculum page. The last date to apply is June 4th.

The online application form is available here.

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