HTML5 Controls Attribute

The controls attribute is new in HTML5. This attribute is specifically intended for HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements.

The HTML5 controls attribute when used on either <audio> or <video> element, it adds few controls on the browser. The controls added are play/pause, volume , seeking and mute/ unmute. A full screen button will be added for video and CC, track buttons if the author provides.

Using the controls attribute

The standard controls attribute can be added to the <audio> or <video> element or can be supplied through javaScript.

Values of HTML5 controls attribute

The controls attribute allows two possible values, true and false. While false is the default value having controls=”true” or just by specifying the controls attribute different audio / video controls can be found on the browser.

Accessibility of the standard Controls

As of this writing the standard controls supplied by HTML5 controls attribute are not accessible on all browsers. The following video can help to test the standard controls.

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