Global Accessibility Awareness Day GAAD 2018

The 7th edition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day GAAD 2018 is on May 17th. GAAD is marked on third Thursday in May every year. It interesting to see the world talking about accessibility and experiencing the problems arising due to inaccessible digital content, and software products. GAAD is also an opportunity for each one of us to understand the problems faced by persons with disabilities. Awareness towards accessibility and sensitivity towards disabilities are the primary objectives of global accessibility awareness day (GAAD). These are the primary objectives for Maxability too and hence we promote GAAD.

Attend a global accessibility awareness day GAAD 2018 in your city. Many companies plan to have an awareness campaigns internal to their organization. Reach-out to HR, Diversity & Inclusion or accessibility teams within your organizations to know more.

No GAAD 2018 events in your city? Your company is not aware of GAAD 2017? Don’t worry, We have some ideas for you. See below how to create awareness yourself and encourage teams around you. Do not forget to check the virtual events on May 17th.

Simple checks to observe GAAD 2018

  • Can a user with wheel chair comfortably reach your work station from the main entrance?
  • Write the sentence Third Thursday of May every year  is Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Facebook and post it to public. Wait!!! do this just with keyboard. Some computer users cannot use mouse.
  • Try calling a friend from your smart phone, the challenge is do it in sunlight. This is how low vision users experience the digital content
  • Watch video, just watch it, close your years, experience the difficulty faced by deaf or hard-of-hearing users.
  • If you own a website or a developer/ QA engineer do these simple checks on your websites. It just takes 10 minutes.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day GAAD 2018 events in India


Series of events are planned by Prakat Solutions with Mitra Jyothi, Chancery Pavillion, AWAKE Vishwa Seva Foundation. Visit for more information.


Deque Systems is hosting hackathon on this day. Register and understand more information on integrating aXe into the project life cycle to make websites and application accessible. Deque aXe hackathon for GAAD 2018.

More Information

More awareness information coming, stay tuned on Maxability by subscribing. Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.

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