WebAIM screen reader user survey 7

WebAIM screen reader user survey 7 is a study conducted by webAIMExternal Website to understand the preferences of screen reader users. This survey helps web developers and those who create web standards understand the new trends and practices screen reader users follow and thus try incorporating the best practices.

The webAIM screen reader user survey 7External Website is primarily intended for the actual screen reader users, however those who use screen readers for evaluation of websites and applications are also encouraged to take the survey.

The survey is open until November 1, 2017. It contains 30 questions that may approximately take 15 minutes. The survey is purely voluntary. Taking this survey will help in advancement of best practices in the space of accessible ICT.

Note that no personally identifiable information is collected in the survey. The browser and operating system information is collected when you submit the survey. The aggregated results of the survey will be made available by the end of the year.

To take the survey and for any further information visit WebAIM screen reader user survey 7External Website.

My thoughts

  • Few mobile screen readers such as Ideal and voice assistance are very rarely used as far as I know. In webAIM screen reader survey #6External Website these screen readers are not been shown. Interested to see the results in this area.
  • Another interesting question in the survey is “Which of the following most accurately describes your screen reader usage?”. I think results help in understanding the screen reader usage along with auditory/ visual comparisons.
  • Screen reader user survey #6External Website have not given a clear picture on the use of landmarks and skip links. Hope the latest survey helps to get to a more clear understanding.

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