Recommended Screen Reader and Browser Combination

This document is updated on December 28th, 2019 after the Web AIM 8th screen reader survey results published in second half of 2019.
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Picking up the right screen reader and browser combination is critical for accessibility testing. Use of NVDA on windows desktop and laptop platform is increasing from few years. The current survey reveals that 40.6% of respondents primarily use NVDA and 40.1 % respondents primarily use JAWS. This data proves picking the combination of screen reader is even difficult. Similarly, in the commonly used screen reader category NVDA is on the top of the table with 72.4 % respondents and only 61.7 % use JAWS.

The primary browser used by these respondents shows Google Chrome at 44.4 %and firefox at 27.4% with their primary screen reader. After carefully analyzing the data here is the list of screen reader and browser combination for accessibility. This list is provided to make the decision of the stakeholders simple. There might be situations beyond what we can support you through this document.
Note:- This list talks only for highly used browser, operating system and screen readers.

Screen Reader and browser combination Tables

Desktop operating systems
Operating System Screen reader & browser combination Additional comments
Windows Google Chrome + NVDA When you have only one combination required
Windows Google Chrome + JAWS When your project demands for validation with JAWS
Windows Firefox + NVDA When the project requires validation with more than one screen reader and more than one browser
Windows Internet Explorer + JAWS If your project still needs to validate on Internet Explorer
Mac Safari + VoiceOver The only best combination on Mac. Chrome + Voiceover can be the next best combination.
Mobile Operating System
Operating System Screen reader and browser combination
IOS Safari + voiceover
Android Chrome + Talkback

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