aria-valuetext property

Aria-valuetext property works similar to a aria-valuenow property. It Defines the human readable text alternative of aria-valuenow for a range widget. If aria-valuetext property is defined for any widget, author should also specify aria-valuenow unless aria-valuenow cannot be determined.

The major difference between aria-valuetext and aria-value now is the type of value determined through them. Aria-valuetext should pass a string value to the user where as aria-valuenow property pass a numeric value. Authors are encouraged to use aria-valuetext only when the aria-valuenow property cannot meaningfully pass the information to the user. Eg: on a slider having severity as high, medium and low, conveying the same through aria-valuenow with 1, 2 and 3 does not meaningfully convey the intended information to the user. If aria-valuetext is provided, assistive technologies should rely on it, not aria-valuenow.

Also read aria-valuemax, aria-valuemin and aria-valuenow to understand how aria-valuetext should be used in various range widgets.

Values of aria-valuetext property

The value of the aria-valuetext property must be a string.

aria-valuetext used in roles

Inheritted into roles:

aria-valuetext property examples

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