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Certifying an IT professional on web accessibility was happening since long. Though there are very few organizations I am aware of that provide certification for individual, many organizations provide training on web accessibility skills.

On the other hand there were discussions such as “Who is an accessibility professional?” This was a ambiguous question since web accessibility is not taught in colleges, web accessibility is not one of those concepts in engineering subjects.

At the beginning of my career in 2008, I remember very few, not even a handful of accessibility professionals in India. All that I was doing is a search and extensive reading on WCAG 2.0External Website documentation. In the process I have come across the post by Derek Featherstone titled Four Steps to Becoming an Accessibility ConsultantExternal Website. The summary of his blog says “Put the words “Accessibility Consultant” on your business card.” To become one. By the time he wrote the blog I hope there are no governing bodies or accreditations to certify someone as an accessibility professional. Later few universities such as

And business organizations such as Site ImproveExternal Website are providing professional certifications.

6 years later, the same question regained focus in the accessibility community. A full day workshop was held at CSUN 2012 entitled “Taking Accessibility Mainstream – Making the Case for an International Society of Accessibility Professionals. In the accessibility community there were different opinions’ on the thought. Sharron Rush expressed her views at Considering the case for creating an international society of accessibility professionalsExternal Website. KarlGroves has written an intrusting article what does it take to call yourself an accessibility expert?External Website. After the conference Léonie Watson have written an article outlining the importance of having a society of accessibility professionals that can streamline the unregulated and unofficial professional standards Is there a need for a professional accessibility society?External Website. !

Result of the Efforts

Though I am not 100% sure but International Association Of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)External Website was formulated couple of years back. IAAP

  • Provides membership for accessibility professionals;
  • Maintains a platform to discuss accessibility related questions;
  • Conducts webinars on different accessibility topics;
  • Conducts Annual conference IAAP Access;
  • Provides accessibility certification called IAAP CPACC.

What is IAAP Certification?

The IAAP certification course (including professional and technical) jointly aims at

  • To define what accessibility professionals are expected to know.
  • To increase the quality and consistency of the work performed by accessibility professionals.
  • To provide accessibility professionals with a credential as evidence of their commitment to the accessibility field, and of their competence within the field.
  • To provide employers, the accessibility community and the public with a metric to measure and assess the accessibility competence of current and/or prospective employees.
  • To provide colleges, universities, and vocational programs with clear educational outcomes and a curriculum outline for teaching accessibility.
  • To strengthen the community of practice among accessibility professionals.

About IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

The certification questions are more conceptual. This is why CPACC is the foundation and is called Professional level. The next level i.e. technical level certification will be concentrating specifically on technical concepts. Any professional who want to certify should first clear CPACC, the professional level.

The professional level thus is foundation and covers broad spectrum of accessibility that are but not limited to accessibility of the web, software, multimedia, documents, consumer products, industrial design, transportation, architecture and the built environment, etc.

Course Outline of CPACC

The following are the high level concepts covered under professional level exam.

  • Disabilities, Challenges, and Assistive Technologies (40%)
  • Accessibility and Universal Design (40%)
  • Declarations, Standards, Laws, and Management Strategies (20%)

Check the complete course information with specific sub topics on Deque UniversityExternal Website.

Deque SystemsExternal Website and SSB Bart GroupExternal Website have courses approved by IAAP. Purchase the course content for the preparation. The latest certified organizations can be found at IAAP Approved Certification Preparation ProvidersExternal Website.

Get a professional web accessibility certification and stand out of the crowd.

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